Lions District 126 Croatia – Heavy Earthquake

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Dear Lions friends,

Thank you again for your generous donation for the victims of the heavy earthquake. Here is the report about the raised and used funds so far.
In total ever since the beginning of this action, we could rise EUR 395.000, from 17 European Countries, of which the Croatian Lions have contributed EUR 85.000.
Up to date we could deliver 28 mobile houses, providing shelter for the same number of families (about 160 men, women, and children).
The mobile houses were used but in good condition, fully equipped units with furniture and other equipment with following specifications: Dimension: 8-8,5 x 3 meter Living room + 2 sleeping rooms, equipped with a sitting corner, chairs, table, beds, cabinets/wardrobe Kitchen niche with Kochnische mit hotplate, refrigerator, sink Bathroom with shower cabin, sink, toilette, hot water boiler Air conditioner/heating, power sockets, gas connection, water connection, lighting. The average price of the houses was 9.260€ (x28 houses = 259.280€).

We have visited all the families and found that they are very happy, especially the children.
Please find enclosed some pictures.
Presently we are still providing infrastructure connections (power, water, gas) where needed, in the amount of 6.500€.
We have used the funds to co-finance (9.200€) a purchase of a mini-bus for the county sight impaired association, which was destroyed in the earthquake.
We have spent 20.000€ for renewal of the destroyed chimneys for 18 homes, enable again the heating and warm water for the families.
With the remaining funds and with 50.000$ grant expecting from LCIF we intend to equip a local school with furniture and school (450 pupils) equipment after it’s rebuilt.
If you have any detailed questions, please let me know.

Best regards,

PDG Dražen Melčić
President – Lions Europa ForumPrésentation Powerpoint 2021-05-29-D-126-Croatia-EarthquakeDownload

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