How to become a Lion

Become a Lion

    Each club is autonomous and is led by a chairman (president) who is elected annually from among the members of the club and according to the bylaws of each club. A president can be re-elected once, but it is customary for a president to change annually.

    He is assisted by one or two vice-presidents, a secretary, a treasurer and a protocol officer.

    Each club also has a tailtwister, who is responsible for the animation of the meetings.

    The website manager (internet) and the manager of the effects (membership) are two obligatory functions in a club. They are members of the board.

    Every club has two monthly meetings: one dinner meeting and one working meeting.

    These meetings take place at the club’s premises or at a member’s home. The meetings usually start at 7.30 pm and the official part usually ends around 10 pm.

    Since friendship is important, all conversations about politics, religion or conversations of a sectarian nature are excluded from these meetings.

    Regular attendance at the meetings is an obligation, except for those members who have a special status temporarily due to age, illness or professional reasons.

    Each club decides independently on how many new members it will recruit and who will be admitted to the club.


    One can only become a member of a Lions Club by invitation, provided that one has at least one godfather (member of the club) and that all the members of the club have given their unanimous approval. Addresses and all other information about the members are strictly reserved for the members of the club and are not disclosed under any circumstances. Each member pays a membership fee to the club, the district, the multiple district and also to the association of Lions Clubs International (all together between 250 and 375 Euros per year). All funds raised by actions organised by a Lions club or donations from third parties to the club go entirely to the social purpose of the club. All administrative costs and all personal costs of the members are paid in full by the members. If you wish to become a member, please contact us by mail (using the address at the bottom of this page). Do not forget to give your name and address.