Leo clubs Belgium

Friendship for a better society!

Leo’s are first and foremost friends; they are young people between 18 and 30 who unite in Leo clubs all over Belgium to commit themselves for a good cause. They want to selflessly contribute to society by combining volunteer work with providing financial resources to support local social projects.

Each Leo Club is responsible for organising different activities: fundraisers, social activities with their target groups, monthly meetings and team building activities. Each club therefore has a board consisting of a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, a Secretary and a Past-President. Each club is free to determine its own identity by means of its own pennant and its own internal regulations, always in line with the national statutes of Leo Clubs Belgium.

Any young person who wants to get involved in society in a friendly environment can become a member of a Leo Club. In order to join, the prospective member must demonstrate his/her social commitment during a trial period of 6 months to one year and take the time to feel at home in his/her club. Finally, both parties will decide whether or not to accept the membership. Upon introduction, the new member is then officially pinned on a Leo pin, the symbol of proud representation of our Leo values and motto.

What is Leo Club Belgium?

Leo Clubs Belgium is a subsidiary organisation of Lions Clubs International. Both organisations always have the same goal, namely to serve local and international communities. In Belgium, the Leo Clubs are represented in the four Lions districts: some 15 in District A (West and East Flanders), some 10 in District B (Antwerp, Limburg, Flemish Brabant), some 5 in District D (Liege, Namur, Hainaut, Luxembourg) and currently 1 club in District C (Brussels Region, Walloon Brabant). Usually each district has a district board, these boards together form the National Committee. The multiple district 112 Belgium is part of an international network of more than 170,000 Leo’s spread over 38 multiple Leo districts in 143 countries worldwide.

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